The exclusive HANDYCRAFT & GIFT SHOP opened in the downtown of Budapest, in Váci utca 32. It is waiting for its visitors with wonderful vaulted architecture recalling historic times, Baroque furniture, and pleasant music. The objects are in harmony with the elegant surroundings, offering tourists a memorable sight. Taking photos is allowed!

The mostly self-made, judged goods are custom-designed. Hand-made textiles, tablecloths, dolls dressed in traditional costume, adult and children’s blouses, dresses, beaded bags, wallets, necklaces, hand painted eggs, and many other beautiful things can be found and purchased in our shop (Váci street 32). These selected objects are the favourite designs of the past decades.

The old Váci Street (1-32), the oldest pedestrian precinct of our capital, is the first shopping precinct that travel guides or the hotel staff would recommend. It is very popular among tourists. In the plenitude of the street’s souvenir shops the shop at number 32 stands out as a pearl. According to the customers’ opinion the architecture and quality, the wide range of hand-made goods make the shop incomparable to any of the surrounding shops. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!

If you refer to our slogan – "quality" – seen on our website, you will be given 5% discount.

In our shop you can also see a 70-piece private collection of antique dolls – each doll is original, several hundred years old. Free entry!

Judit Lukács, folk artist, the founder of Judit Folklór Ltd. started her career with great success in Buda Castle, in 1976. The shop located in Országház utca 12. – one of the first privately owned shops in the socialist times – operated for 30 years. Nearly all celebrities visiting Budapest wanted to see the shop in the Castle.

In 1991 Judit Lukács presented her folk art collection to Lady Diana during her visit to Budapest. The fashion show took place in the Museum of Applied Arts.

Judit Lukács is proud of her success in business; however, she is even prouder of her daughters and her 6 beautiful grandchildren who can be seen in the photo gallery.